Summer Camp '15

Enjoying summer while learning

If you’re looking for an educational and fun summer program for your child, look no further! Our school provides great summer learning experiences through various activities and special visitors designed to stimulate and inspire your child. The authentic Montessori approach combines physical and emotional development with exciting endeavors involving art, music, science, culture, and more.

Along with our educational program, we will incorporate some of these fun & exciting workshops:

  •  Summer Reading Program – Have fun at story time with skits & interactive stories
  •  Tie-Dye Workshop – Bring a white cotton t-shirt and your imagination to create one-of-a kind art you can proudly wear
  •  Cutting & Pasting – Learn the basic techniques you will need for kindergarten
  •  Science Workshops
  •  Learn the wonders of nature – plants & experiments to bugs & animals
  •  Cooking Classes – Have fun while you learn to cook yummy treats
  •  Spanish Classes – Learn the basics of Español!

Summer for 5 and up During summer New Generation Montessori will help the students maintain what they have learned in the previous grade and prepare him/her for the challenges in the next grade. NGM Summer includes geography, science, reading, writing and math learning program geared to every child’s individual needs.