Sending your kid to school for the first time can be dreamy, but sometimes for some parents, it is one of the most terrifying nightmares. This where drama happens. Why? Simply because some kids are not prepared for school yet and are overly attached to their mothers that sometimes they do not want to be left alone. That’s why in this article, we’ll tell some tips on how you can prepare your child for school, just keep reading to know these tips.

  1. Prepare them emotionally – Many children are very anxious about going to school. So, to help them out, make them emotionally prepared by teaching them to read, doing fun activities, doing school visiting, or meeting the teacher together. You can try teaching alphabet, writing, reading, coloring or anything that can be exciting for your kid.
  1. Talk about what to expect – One way to prepare your kid for schooling is by talking to him about the things he should expect at school. Talk about what kids normally do at school. You can try talking about the fun activities at school where he can interact with other children. Encourage him to do his best at school and to always listen to the teacher.
  1. Attend the School Orientation Together – Most schools have orientation session before the classes. Attend the school orientation together so that they can be more confident about going to school.
  1. Buy School Supplies – Prepare your child into schooling by buying school supplies. Buying school supplies together may encourage him to do his in schooling. Go and grab him new shoes, new bags, and other school materials.
  1. Give advice regarding the recess – If it is the first time of your kid attending the school, it could probably confusing for him. Tell him the right time to eat, where to put his trashes as well as how to spend his money properly. Give some advice on what to buy and what to eat.
  1. Talk about making friends – One of the effective ways to send your kid to school is by having friends. Tell your kid to make some friends and make schooling a lot more fan.
  1. Teach your child about safety – If you’re planning to send your kid to school, then teach him about safety. Tell him not to accept gifts or foods nor follow strangers. You can also try discussing some safety tips and procedures like road safety tips and more.

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