Child Abuse

Look for the signs

Dial 1-800-96-Abuse

Signs of Physical Abuse The child may have unexplained:

  • Bruises, welts, cuts, or other injuries
  • Broken bones
  • Burns

A child experiencing sexual abuse may:

  • Have unusual knowledge of sex or act seductively
  • Fear a particular person
  • Seem withdrawn or depressed
  • Gain or lose weight suddenly
  • Shy away from physical contact
  • Run away from home


A child experiencing physical abuse may:

  • Seem withdrawn or depressed
  • Seem afraid to go home or may run away
  • Shy away from physical contact
  • Be aggressive
  • Wear inappropriate clothing to hide injuries


Signs of neglect The child may have:

  • Unattended medical needs
  • Little or no supervision

Signs of sexual abuse

  • Torn, stained or bloody underwear
  • Trouble walking or sitting
  • Pain or itching in genital area
  • A sexually transmitted disease


It should’nt hurt to be a child

If you see any sign of Child Abuse, report it immediatly at

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