Summer Camp

Summer Camp 2021

Life has changed for all of us, and we must adapt to our new reality. As Montessorians, we are trained to observe, analyze, think, propose, and adapt –and it is the combination of all of these –which allow us to learn.

It is finally Summertime and because of COVID-19, we have modified our existing summer program to be more inclusive and educational for our “new normal”.

New Generation Montessori has incorporated unique and useful activities for your little ones, not only to reflect Coronavirus safety, but everyday life. These purposeful & fun activities will help them understand the “Why” behind these life changes, and how it relates to their everyday health and safety –the Montessori way.

Our Summer Camp is full of non-stop opportunities for creativity, discovery, active play, social interaction and fun! Montessori elements of independence, choice and responsibility carry over into the Summer Camp safe environment as we continue to inspire children to be their best possible selves.

New Generation Montessori Children’s Academy has designed a unique theme-based summer camp program for children 6 months of age through 6 years.

Our summer camp experience for children is nurturing, creative, intellectually stimulating and lots of fun! Our camps are led by highly qualified, specially trained Montessori guides. Each week campers will explore different themes by interacting with a variety of activities including:

Science exploration

Explore the world of science through everyday objects such as food and nature. Learn the science behind the things we use in our daily lives. There will be some explosions, a few creations, and a whole lot of discoveries. There will be some explosions, a few creations and a whole lot of fun. We also will talk about of “What is a germ”, “How do germs spread”, “Prevention? How can I do that”, “Washing Hands – The Montessori Way” Don’t miss out on this mission!

Mon, June 7 – Fri, June 18


Cooking Session

We’ve gathered some of our favorite kid friendly recipes and activities. Get ready to create fun, healthy and yummy treats inside the classroom. Also learn about “Cooking Hygiene & why it is SO important to everyday health”, “How do we prepare before, during and after cooking?”, “Cleaning & safety after cooking – The Montessori Way”



Mon, June 21 – Fri, July 2



Art Factory 

Our DIY camp is for all our ‘arsty-crafty’ kids who love to express themselves with one-of-a-kind masterpieces! Activities will include “Why is everyone suddenly wearing a mask?”, The “why” behind the masks, Making & decorating your own mask, canvas art, bead ma


Mon, July 5 – Fri, July 16


Session 4: Garden to table

Let’s get our hands dirty as we learn about gardening, plants, fruits & veggies!We will also help create and maintain our beautiful school garden!


Mon, July 19 – Fri, July 30